Episode Name: Zero Vegetables

Season: 8

Episode: 146

Production Code: 06

Air Date: 12/6/2015

Written By: Mike Fasolo, Shelby Fero, Seth Green, Joel Hurwitz, Matthew Senreich, Tom Sheppard

Directed By: Tom Sheppard

Cast: Seth Green, Eric André, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jermaine Fowler, Martin Freeman, Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Katee Sackhoff, Matthew Senreich

Episode Summary: The RC writers wonder whose job was it to walk King Kong. Michael Bay reveals the secrets to Transformers 5. Uncle Pennybags has a monopoly on S&M. Bitch Pudding improves a classic.

Trivia / Info:

The Stoop!d Monkey is on the phone while in a minefield.

Segment List:

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