Episode Name: Zeb and Kevin Erotic Hot Tub Canvas

Season: 8

Episode: 143

Production Code: 3

Air Date: 11/8/2015

Written By: Mike Fasolo, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Mehar Sethi, Tom Sheppard, Brian Wysol

Directed By: Tom Sheppard

Cast: Seth Green, Steve Aoki, Carlee Baker, Jodi Carlisle, Lacey Chabert, Danielle Harris, Timothy Omundson, Will Sasso, Matthew Senreich

Episode Summary: How far will Pluto go to get away from his Dwarf Planet friends? There isn't an American Girl doll for everybody. Just like the creators of Robot Chicken have done in the past, The Wild Thornberrys have to get extremely wild to stay on the air.

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