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Season: 2

Episode: The Munnery

Length: :

Cast: Hugh Davidson (Jimmy), Seth Green (Zack), Tod Grinnell (Oscar), Breckin Meyer (Lewis), Nick Simmons (Timmy), "Weird Al" Yankovic (Kevin)

Characters: Kevin/Giant Robot, Oscar/Dinosaur, Jimmy/Giant Turtle, Lewis/Giant Squid, Timmy/Girl Timmy, Zack/Ostrich, Joey/Gray Frackle, Lenny/Blue Frackle, Tod/Green Frackle, Joe/Wolf, Henry/Red-billed Hornbill, Avery/Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Lurvy/Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Templeton

Segment Summary: The wishes of children come true, with dire results.

Written By: Mike Fasolo

Themes: Animals, Death, Destruction, Guns, Robots, Sexuality

Allusions:The phrase When you wish upon a star your dreams come true is from a Disney song of the same name and was featured in the movie "Pinocchio"

Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • At the end of the segment, Hugh Davidson voices Al Yankovic's character.

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