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Season: 1

Episode: Badunkadunk

Length: 2:41

Cast: Leah Cevoli (Mother), Seth Green (White Michael Jackson, Bystander #1, Alien #2), Mila Kunis (Reporter), Phil LaMarr (Black Michael Jackson), Adam Talbott (Alien #1)

Characters: Female Newscaster, White Michael Jackson, Black Michael Jackson, Bystander #1, Mother, Baby, Armed Boy, Bystander #2, Lawyer, Aliens

Segment Summary: Michael Jackson returns from space to confront his n'er-do-well alter ego in "Where's Michael?"

Themes: Aliens, Bug Eyes, Dancing, Death, Guns, Motor Vehicles, Music, Sexuality, Space Travel, Violence


  • This segment refers to the child molestation trial of Michael Jackson.
  • The bits of the sidewalk that glow when Black Michael steps on them reference the music video for the song Billie Jean.

Trivia / Info:

  • When White Michael tosses the baby into the air, a man to the left of him continues to watch the baby stay up there.
  • Phil LaMarr was known for impersonating Michael Jackson on MADtv.
  • Michael did die four years after this sketch was made, though not from a gunshot but cardiac arrest.
  • The black Michael Jackson says he was kidnapped and replaced by a white Michael Jackson 15 years ago since the episode aired where his hair catches on fire, which could've happened in 1990. In reality, Jackson's hair caught on fire in 1984 during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. Some believe that the Pepsi accident was where Jackson first developed the skin disease vitiligo and started to turn white.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

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