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Season: 7

Episode: Catdog on a Stick

Length: 1:39

Cast: Seth Green (Tiger Woods, Executive, Dork Punk), Sean Bean (Heathcliff), Kate Mara (Cleo), Mikey Day (Hammerman)

Characters: Tiger Woods, Executive, Heathcliff, Cleo, Ripster, Ja-kal, Armon, Princess Lana, Dork Punks, Jab, LongArm, Nerfer-Tina, Hammerman, Stegz

Segment Summary: Wait until the remixes come

Themes: Animals, Animated, Film, Music, Sexuality, Sports, Fourth Wall


Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • In real life, the company DiC is now defunct and was bought by Cookie Jar Entertainment, which was later bought by DHX Media.
  • Cleo wears pink legwarmers not red boots.

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