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Season: 3

Episode: Losin' the Wobble

Length: 4:11

Cast: Seth Green (Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Jimmie Walker, Britney Spears, Rabbi, Soldier, Barbara Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush), Tom Kane (Narrator), Breckin Meyer (Lindsey Lohan), Tom Root (Newsanchor, Rehab Leader)

Characters: Cops, Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Jimmie Walker, Lindsey Lohan, Anchorman, Rehab Leader, Britney Spears, Sean Preston Federline, Rabbi, Soldiers, Barbara Bush, George H.W. Bush, Frat Boys, George W. Bush

Segment Summary: All of the rehab-prone celebrities have been hiding a pretty big secret. Besides their rampant boozing and drug use.

Written By: Tom Root, Kevin Shinick

Themes: Alcohol, Aliens, Violence, Religion, Death, Politics, Lengthy, Bleeped


  • A parody of the 1983 TV miniseries V.
  • Paris Hilton mistakenly sleeps with Jimmie Walker, who played J.J. Evans on the 1970s sitcom Good Times.
  • The voiceover narration at the end of this segment is a parody of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.
  • Barbara Bush roars like Godzilla after she breaks Paris Hilton's neck.

Trivia / Info:

  • Mel Gibson is not actually one of the rehab aliens though he still joins in their invasion of Earth. He is later seen attacking a Jewish temple, only for a Jewish man to point out Gibson is an simply an anti-Semite and not a alien lizard. Mel Gibson's portrayal is a reference to his alleged anti-semitism.
  • Mel Gibson does a salute and goes, "Schnell! Schnell! Schnell!"
  • George H.W. Bush says "Read my lips. Call an ambulance!", a reference to his "Read my lips. No new taxes!" speech.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

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