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Season: 1

Episode: Kiddie Pool

Length: 3:14

Cast: Donald Faison (Detective Del Spooner, Elroy Jetson), Seth Green (Rosie, Narrator, Retard the Robot, Mr. Cogswell), Mike Henry (Mr. Spacely, Astro, Judge), Breckin Meyer (Construction Worker), Chad Morgan (Judy Jetson)

Characters: Del Spooner, Rosie, Cops, Construction Workers, Elroy Jetson, Jane Jetson, Astro, Judy Jetson, George Jetson, Mr. Spacely, Henry Cogswell, Chinese Restaurant Guy, Judge, Jem

Segment Summary: George Jetson's murder takes center stage in "Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie."

Themes: Mashups, Death, Recurring, Robots, Sexuality, Animals, Bodily Functions, Food & Drink, Crimes, Prison, Clay, Violence, Film, Television, Lengthy


Trivia / Info:

  • The papers on the table read:

"HOMICIDE DIVISION: Robots do not kill. You'd have to be one pissed-off renegade cop with a chip on his shoulder about technology in order to believe that robots do that to humans."

"HOPE: Robots = good. Robots are are your friend."


  • The broken TV reads, "George is in hell... WITH US!"
  • The TV also shows a close up of George Jetson's face.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • When the hand takes the folder out of the safe it was already stamped but later it shows it wasn't stamped and he stamped it. This mistake was also made in Unsolved Case Files: Claus & Effect.
  • In the actual "Jetsons" series, Mr. Spacely's company did not create robots.
  • George's hair is much darker red than in the original cartoon.
  • Despite the fact that George gets his head crushed by Rosie, his head is still part of his outline on the ground.

Transcription - Interpretations

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