(The sketch begins in the Jedi Council where the Jedi Masters discuss a meeting regarding Anakin Skywalker.)

Yoda: Much fear I sense in young Anakin. To be trained as a Jedi, he must not be.

Mace Windu: He could bring balance to the Force.

Yoda: Correct you are.

Yarael Poof: I thought you said that would be bad!

Yoda: From the prophecy, that boy could be.

Yarael Poof: Can I ask what the prophecy is? Why is that something I don't know?

Mace Windu: I will tell him of the Council's decision tomorrow.

Yarael Poof: Oh, so it's a Council now?! It's not just the two of you?! What about you, Dogface?! Did you know that now it was a Council?!

(Cut to behind Mace and Yoda. Yarael Poof leans his head to the right to listen.)

Yoda: Inform the Senate, we must. Of our lessened ability to use the Force.

Yarael Poof: WHO can't use the Force now?! I can still use the Force!

(Cut back to Yarael Poof.)

Yarael Poof: Let's put that one to a vote because I don't even know what that means! (timidly) Does anyone realize that I'm talking?

(Yoda and Mace Windu look at each other.)

Mace Windu: Enough for today. We should eat.

Yoda: Getting pizza, Yarael Poof should do. All in favor?

Jedi Council: Aye!

(Poof sighs and puts his head down between his knees. His head gets back up.)

Yarael Poof: I just got the coffee yesterday. I submitted the receipt, have yet to be reimbursed.Is anyone else having this issue?! But, oh, look! If it's the will of the Council, then I'll go!

Jedi Council: Aye!

Yarael Poof: Fine! Listen, Yaddle, I'm going to need to borrow your car!

Yaddle: Um, in the shop it is?

Yarael Poof: I just saw it downstairs.

Yaddle: (mumbles) Well, you know... insurance.

(Cut to entire Jedi Council.)

Yarael Poof: Okay, I am going. I'm one of twelve Jedi in the whole galaxy on the Jedi Council. And today it is my job to get the pizza. Sure! Yeah, my parents, they're very proud.

(Poof leaves, and the screen cuts to static.)

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