[Zoltar's soldiers spot the Phoenix flying overhead, as the G-Force fly into battle with Mark swooping down and hitting one of the soldiers. Meanwhile, back aboard the Phoenix, Tiny is exiting the toilet entitled "Butt-Vac-Unit".]

Tiny: I got to stop eating macaroni and cheese with every meal. It's nature's ass cork.

7-Zark-7: Tiny, you're late. Your team needs you in battle.

Tiny: (outside) OK, here we go! (jumps off) Ho ho ho ho ho ho! (lands on one of Zoltar's minions, crushing him and making his heart pop out, grossing out the other G-Force members)

Jason: Oh! Tiny!

Mark: That is terribly gross.

Tiny: How embarrassing.

[Back aboard the Phoenix, Tiny is about to bite into what he thinks is a pizza, as the rest of the team talk to him.]

Princess: We're just concerned, Tiny.

Mark: Yeah, the problem's getting bigger.

Jason: Like your stomach.

Tiny: Just let me eat my pizza in peace.

Princess: That's not pizza. That's the cardboard circle you microwave the pizza on!

Tiny: (looks at the circle and realizes) Oh.

[Cut to a fitness montage, where Tiny eats his greens while riding an exercise bike, does some jump-ropes, and bench-presses with 7-Zark-7 as his lighting weights. Later, the G-Force see Zoltar on their computer monitor.]

Mark: It's Zoltar! OK, team...

Tiny: G-Force! (exits the Phoenix, flies into battle, beats up all of Zoltar's goons, and stands tall and proud as Princess and Keyop fawn over him, as Mark and Jason look on in jealousy)

Princess: Wow, Tiny, that was impressive.

Keyop: (stuttering) You're my he-hero!

Jason: Looks like Fatty's stealing all our thunder.

Mark: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Jason: Uh-huh.

[Later, back aboard the Phoenix, Mark enters Tiny's room.]

Mark: (pulls out a bowl of banana splits) Hey, Tiny, I thought we could celebrate today's vic - (notices that Jason killed Tiny by beating him to death with a pipewrench) Wow. OK, we were not thinking the same thing at all here.

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