(The rating screen comes on, then it has a bridge and a helicopter flying to it, it explodes along with the bridge, a bird flies by then it explodes (kiiling the bird)

Announcer: Michael Bay Presents:EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!

(A truck full of gas is swerving a car crashes into it, a car flies on a jet it explodes)

Announcer: EXPLOSIONS FROM MICHAEL BAY! (A rocket flies and lands in a pile of sticks it explodes, it explodes on Firework) Michael Bay Explosions! POW! (a women is pushing her baby in a stroller it explodes which kills the baby, the women gets scared then she explodes as she is killed also) BOOM! (makes exploding sounds) (severely past sketches with explosions play) Mi-Ba-BLA-BLA-SPLOSION!! (Clips from Plane Crash, Walt Disney Attacks!,and more skits play, and more people die in exploisons) Micahel Bay Plow Shins!

(Back at the movie theater)

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