Dog Pound Worker: Okay, little girl. Take any pet you like.
Vickie: Thanks!
[Sees Lion-O sitting in a cage.]
Vickie: What are you doing in here, Mr. Kitty-cat?
Lion-O: A space time vortex opened up on my home planet Thundera and I suddenly found myself on Earth, where cats, apparently, don't share the same rights as humans.
Vickie: You're so cute! I choose you!
[Walking on the school yard.]
Vickie: I can't wait for show and tell!
Billy: Ha ha! [Sing-song voice] Vickie has cooties! Vickie has cooties!
Vickie: [Giggles] Stop it, Billy!
[Lion-O slams Billy up against a wall and starts pounding on him.]
Lion-O: Vickie...does not... have cooties! Anyone else? Huh? Anyone else? Come on! I got 9 lives and a whole can of whoop-ass!
[Vickie starts spraying Lion-O with water in a spray bottle.]
Vickie: Bad! Bad Mr. Kitty-cat!
Lion-O: Fine. Fine. [Sarcastically] I overreacted. Sorry, everybody. Sorry. That one's on me. [Turns to Vickie, who has been continuing to spray him.] Please stop that
Vickie: This is my new pet. His name is Mr. Kitty-cat and I got him at the pound.
Lion-O: Actually, my name is Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats. I'm the chosen one. [Puts his hands on his hips]
Kid: [Sing-song voice] La-ame!
[Lion-O growls angrily and jumps on her. Vicky takes out her spray bottle and starts spraying Lion-O.]
Lion-O: Aw, come on, Vickie! Aren't we still friends? Huh? [Sing-song voice] BFF!
Vickie: No!
[Vickie takes out her spray bottle and starts spraying Lion-O again.]
Lion-O: Ahhh, ooh ohhhh! Vickieee!
Vickie: Go to hell!
[Walks off in a rage]
Dog Pound Worker: Don't worry, Lion-O, we'll find you a home.
[The scene switches to a roomful of cats and Lion-O is sitting on the couch wearing a pink bow.]
Old Lady: [Sing-song voice] Mrs. Prissypants, stop fussing with your bow!
Lion-O: This bow sucks! And my name is Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats! Sworn to--
Old Lady: [Sing-song voice] Oopsie! Grouchy kitties don't get any tuna!
[The old lady walks off, leaving Lion-O with the cats.]
Lion-O: [Under his breath] I better get some freaking tuna.
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