Mr. Joe: Ahh, I really needed this!

Masseuse: You are finished now, Mr. Joe. You want happy ending?

Mr. Joe: Uh, what? Oh, no, no. I'm-I'm not into that.

Masseuse: Oh, ya-ya-ya. Very good happy ending.

Mr. Joe: No, no, really. It's...that's okay. No, hey, no!

Masseuse: Happy ending!

Mr. Joe: Hey, hey.

Masseuse: Ya!

Mr. Joe: Get away from me! (walks away)

Masseuse: Happy ending!

Mr. Joe: S-Somebody help me!

Masseuse: Happy ending!

(chase scene)

Masseuse: Ya! Happy ending!

(climbs a fence)

Masseuse: Happy ending! Oh, ya-ya-ya!

Mr. Joe: O-Officer! You gotta help me!

Officer: What's goin' on here?

(masseuse snaps officer's neck)

Masseuse: Happy ending!

(runs into hallway)

Mr. Joe: Ah-ha-ha, no!

Masseuse: Happy ending!

Man 1: Hey, get out of my room!

Mr. Joe: Sorry! Excuse me! Sorry!

Masseuse: Happy ending!

Man 2: I'm not dressed!

Mr. Joe: Sorry! Watch out! Excuse me!

Masseuse: Happy ending!

Mr. Joe: Augh, excuse me! Comin' through!

Masseuse: Happy ending!

(various arguments throughout)

(runs through a door, falling down stairs, screaming)

Masseuse: Happy ending, happy ending, happy ending, happy ending!

Mr. Joe: Please, no!

Masseuse: (sing-song voice) Ha-a-appy e-e-endiiiiiiing!

Mr. Joe: AH-HA, NO!

Masseuse: After the massage, you get the egg roll! (hands an egg roll) Happy ending!

Mr. Joe: (looks at the egg roll, takes a bite)'s good.

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