(Sketch begins in Skeletor's castle with Beast Man and Evil-Lyn sitting eating breakfast in a kitchen as Skeletor appears with an invitation.)

Skeletor: Behold! An invitation to King Randor's Birthday Party! This is our chance to conquer Castle Grayskull, once and for all!

Evil-Lyn: I'm sure we're not on the guest list, Skeletor!

Skeletor: Well of course not, you stupid twat! But what if we had a magical clone of He-Man?

Evil-Lyn: Well I suppose, hypothetically.....

Skeletor: AH! We do! We have.. a magical clone.. of He-Man.

(Ease out to Beast Man taking off a cape revealing the clone of He-Man, Faker, but his skin is blue and his armor is red-orange.)

Beast Man: (singsong) DA DA DA DA!

Skeletor: What the hell is this, Beast Man? He's blue!

Beast Man: Well I'm half dog. Everything's shades of gray to me.

Faker: Me He-Man!

Skeletor: Oh, and his personal pronouns are all fucked up? I mean where's the verb in that sentence?

(Skeletor puts his hand to his face in frustration)

Skeletor: GAH!! (pause) Eh! I'm a gambler!

(Image then changes to Castle Grayskull and we take an inside look of the castle with a quiet and peaceful tone.)

King Randor: That's the thing about Feudal Agriculture.

(A hard slam of the door reveals Faker. Everyone gasps)

Prince Adam/He-Man: Hey! Just who the heck do you think you-

(Faker pushes him out of the way)

Faker: Out my way, homo!

King Randor: Ha! He hit that nail on the head!

(Faker goes to a table eating many types of food and Teela appears next to him.)

Teela: He-Man! What a pleasant surprise! We really weren't expecting you.

Faker: Nice Boobies!

Teela: Oh! Oh my! Thank you, He-Man.

(Orko comes to him with hot chocolate)

Orko: He-Man, you look cold! I brought you some piping hot co....

(Faker hits hot coco and spreads all over Orko's eyes.)


(The guests start laughing hard, but Prince Adam/He-Man appears mad and jealous.)

Prince Adam/He-Man: We'll see about this! Huh!

(He-Man leaves to change and Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Beast Man are outside watching through the window that the party was terrorized; Skeletor laughs quietly.)

Skeletor: You hear that? Faker must be going all blood-crazy on their asses!

(They look through the window and see party lights and inside the castle is a wild party.)

Man-At-Arms: What'd I miss?

(Teela stands on a table with King Randor dancing in the bottom.)

Teela: He-Man pulled the stick out of his butt and he's whipping this party's ass with it! WHOO!!!

(Faker is dancing wildly and... SKELETOR BREAKS IN)

Skeletor: WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!

(Everyone gasps and Beast Man and Evil-Lyn appear next to him.)

Skeletor: Well? What do you have to say for yourself?

(They mute for 4 seconds and Faker.....STABS SKELETOR ON THE FACE WITH A SWORD, KILLING HIM! Everyone gasps and then go right back to cheering leaving Beast Man and Evil-Lyn alone together.)

Beast Man: Oh, poopy!

(The normal He-Man then appears)

Prince Adam/He-Man: Hey everybody! I'm here! It's me! The real He-Man!

(The party is paused with guys holding Faker upside down drinking beer as everyone looks at him. He then looks shocked and horrified as he sees a spear with Skeletor's head, Beast Man's skin cut and hung on the wall, and Evil-Lyn in a stock being hit by fruits and vegetables on her ass. Prince Adam/He-Man talks to the cloned He-Man.)

Prince Adam/He-Man: Those...Those were my archenemies! How dare you!


Mekaneck: Wouldn't the plural be He-Men?


Prince Adam/He-Man: Citizens of Eternia! I am shocked at this behavior! Excessive violence! Binge drinking! Haven't I set a better example than that?


Stinkor: BOO! YOU STINK!!

Teela: This He-Man sure sucks the fun out of the room.


Prince Adam/He-Man: But I-

King Randor: Look, I'll make this simple. Everyone who thinks this is the real He-Man, raise your hands.

(Everyone raises their hands to the cloned He-Man)

King Randor: Everyone who thinks this is the real He-Man, raise your hands.

(Prince Adam/He-Man and Faker raise their hands)

King Randor: Well, then it's settled!

(The party then continues showing once again the spear with Skeletor's head and then speeds through to the spear of He-Man's head. Scene then shows Faker dancing with Teela.)

Faker: Dance! Dance! Dance! Oh yeah! I Boogy! Boogy! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Man-At-Arms: Well done, Prince Adam!

Faker: Who Prince Adam?

Man-At-Arms: Oops!

Faker: Boogy! Boogy! Boogy!

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