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Season: 3

Episode: Celebutard Mountain

Length: 2:32

Cast: Adam Talbott (Thurgood Stubs), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Blair Warner, Jo, Natalie Green), Seth Green (Edna Garrett, Prostitute, Government Agent, Mindy McConnell, Mork, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Florence Henderson, Hawkeye Pierce), Mark Hamill (Announcer), Jamie Kaler (Captain Merrill Stubing)

Characters: Edna Garrett, Blair Warner, Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey, Joanna 'Jo' Marie Polniaczek Bonner, Natalie Letisha Sage Green, Thurgood Stubs, Prostitute, Mork, Mindy McConnell, Government Agents, David Banner, Captain Merrill Stubing, Burl "Gopher" Smith, Florence Henderson, Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker, Isaac Washington, Julie McCoy, Hawkeye Pierce

Segment Summary: A lot of sitcoms had some pretty final finales.

Themes: Death, Film, Sexuality, Segmented, Television, Bleeped


  • This segment is a parody of TV network VH1 and the many "Top # Countdown" specials it airs.
  • The narrator's intro to The Facts of Life refers to an urban legend claiming that the actress who played Jo was a hermaphrodite.
  • The final episode of The PJs is based on Eddie Murphy's arrest for picking up a transvestite prostitute.
  • The finale of the Love Boat parodies scenes from the film Titanic.
  • The M*A*S*H clip alludes to an actual scene from that show's final episode, only with a laugh track added.

Trivia / Info:

  • Thurgood Stubs makes references to Eartha Kitt, Whitney Houston, Steve Urkel, and Vivica A. Fox.

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