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Season: 4

Episode: Two Weeks Without Food

Length: :43

Cast: Seth Green (Cowardly Lion, Tin Man), Jessica Landon (Dorothy), Breckin Meyer (Wizard), Matthew Senreich (Royal Guard)

Characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Wizard, Royal Guards

Segment Summary: What happened in Oz once Dorothy went back home.

Themes: Film, Animals, Death, Sexuality


Trivia / Info:

  • When The Wizard said "Bad Wizard" in the film, it meant that his wizard portrayal was phony, or in other words a "humbug".

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Scarecrow didn't have a brain put inside him. He was simply awarded a diploma.
  • The Tin Man's never received an actual heart, but rather a heart-shaped watch, as he had a heart figuratively all along.
  • Lion doesn't have his "courage" medal when Dorothy leaves.
  • The Wizard is not a cannibal.
  • In the film, the Wizard floats back to his home in Kansas in a hot air balloon.

Transcription - Interpretations

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