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Season: 5

Episode: Fight Club Paradise

Length: 5:30

Cast: Michael Ian Black (Mo-Larr), Clark Duke (Mike Lazzo), Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Cluckerella, Little Drummer Boy, Eagle Eye Smith, Daniel, Nerd), Jamie Kaler (Bloopers Host), George Lowe (Unicorn), Breckin Meyer (Alien, Munson), Katee Sackhoff (Bitch Puddin'), Matthew Senreich (Keith Crofford), Christian Slater (Composite Santa Claus), Michelle Trachtenberg (The Gummy Bear), Fred Tatasciore (Tray-Norr)

Characters: Robot Chicken, Mad Scientist, Robot Chicken's Wife, Nicky Passion, Leprechaun, Mockingbird, Head of Mission Control, Negative Wonder Woman, Maximum Douche, Celery Bandit, Barry the Inuyasha Dad, Aliens, Tray-Norr, Munson, Mo-Larr, Joey Fatone, Batman's Maid, Killer Chicken, Six Million Peso Man, Montage, Unicorn, Gummy Bear, Little Drummer Boy, Eagle Eye Smith, Daniel Gyro-Robo, Humping Robot, Sunshine Cowboy, Composite Santa, Bitch Pudding, Space Pirate Monkey from Pluto, Glycerine, Bloopers Host, Yeast Monster, CD, Petroleum Pete, Mike Lazzo, Keith Crofford, Nerd

Segment Summary: Robot Chicken returns home to find a surprise.

Themes: Callback, Death, Lengthy, Self-Reference


  • Daniel mentions Tony Jaa's The Protector.

Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • The Robot Chicken was supposedly in the Mad Scientist's lab from the time he was made into a cyborg to the time he escaped, but the portrait of him with his wife is of his cyborg self.
  • When The Robot Chicken killed Head of Mission Control his head was changed after from 2011 it replaced with Rob Ronning's Head.

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