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Season: 4

Episode: Dear Consumer

Length: 1:12

Cast: Erika Christensen (Della Dillingham Young), Hugh Davidson (James Dillingham Young), Seth Green (Brush Salesman, Watch Salesman)

Characters: Della Dillingham Young, Watch Salesman, Barber, James Dillingham Young, Brush Salesman

Segment Summary: A couple in hard-economic times celebrate Christmas by giving each other the gift of irony.

Themes: Bleeped, Holidays, Literature, Money, Sexuality


  • A parody of O. Henry's short story The Gift of the Magi.


Mr. James Dillingham Young ("Jim") and his wife, Della, are a couple living in a modest apartment.

On Christmas Eve, with only $1.87 in hand, and desperate to find a gift for Jim, Della sells her hair for $20 to a nearby hairdresser named Madame Sofronie, and eventually finds a platinum pocket watch fob chain for Jim's watch for $21. Satisfied with the perfect gift for Jim, Della runs home and begins to prepare pork chops for dinner.

At 7 o'clock, Della sits at a table near the door, waiting for Jim to come home. Unusually late, Jim walks in and immediately stops short at the sight of Della, who had previously prayed that she was still pretty to Jim. Della then admits to Jim that she sold her hair to buy him his present. Jim gives Della her present – an assortment of combs, useless now that her hair is short. Della then shows Jim the chain she bought for him, to which Jim says he sold his watch to get the money to buy her combs. Although Jim and Della are now left with gifts that neither one can use, they realize how far they are willing to go to show their love for each other, and how priceless their love really is.

The story ends with the narrator comparing the pair's mutually sacrificial gifts of love with those of the Biblical Magi.

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  • The word "Magi" is spelled with a "J" ("Maji") in this sketch and should've been spelled with a "G". Though this might have been done to avoid copyright issues.

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