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Season: 4

Episode: We Are a Humble Factory

Length: 1:15

Cast: Lisa Kay Jennings (Dakota Fanning), Seth Green (Jim Ross), Triple H (Himself), Adam Reed (Jerry Lawler)

Characters: Triple H, Fans, Dakota Fanning, John Cena, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Referee

Segment Summary: Dakota Fanning joins the WWE to promote her new movie, Wishmagic.

Themes: Animals, Film, Television, Violence


Trivia / Info:

  • Seth Green guest-hosted WWE Raw on July 13, 2009 and showed a clip of this sketch to promote the season 4.5 premiere.
  • There is no movie actually called Wish Magic that came out in 2009.
  • After the ending credits, Triple H is seen still bashing Dakota with the chair while John Cena has her in a head lock. This does not count as a segment since it was a shortened ending to The Dakotanator.

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