Screenshot of The Booger Man
Season: 2

Episode: Rodiggiti

Length: :

Cast: Jordan Ladd (Mom), Quinton Flynn (Dad)

Characters: Boy, Mom, Dad, Booger Man, Cat

Segment Summary: The Booger Man makes a mess.

Written By: Mike Fasolo

Themes: Animals, Bodily Functions, Destruction


  • The Booger Man somewhat resembles the titular creature of the movie Flubber (Also known as "The Absent-Minded Professor".)
  • The sound effect of the Booger Man opening the door comes from Silent Hill 4.
  • The scenes where the cat chases the Booger Man and attacks the boy are similar to shots from Cat's Eye, a horror movie based on short stories by Stephen King. The Booger Man replaces the tiny troll from the movie.

Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • When the boy's dad throws the cat out the window, the sound of breaking glass can be heard despite the fact that the window is open.

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