The Baloo Identity
Screenshot of The Baloo Identity
Season: 7

Episode: Batman Forever 21

Length: 2:25

Cast: Calista Flockhart (Rebecca Cunningham), Seth Green (Mowgli, Bagheera, Kaa), Tom Root (Agent 1), Matthew Senreich (Agent 2), Skeet Ulrich (King Louie), Zeb Wells (Kit Cloudkicker), Ben Schwartz (Baloo)

Characters: Baloo, Mowgli, Bagheera, Kit Cloudkicker, Kaa, King Louie, Rebecca Cunningham, Agent 1, Agent 2

Segment Summary: Chip 'n Dale have similar dreams of dressing like Indiana Jones and Magnum, P.I.

Written By: Rachel Bloom

Themes: Animals, Blood, Death, Film, Food & Drink, Guns, Television, Violence


Trivia / Info:

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  • Baloo was right to call King Louie an ape, not a monkey because orangutans are members of the ape family.
  • Surprisingly, Baloo's habit dressing in drag does actually occur in the actual TaleSpin series. However it isn't just to solve crimes, as Baloo has a penchant for getting into schemes that require him to dress up in drag to suit the situation.
  • The scene when Baloo breaks Kaa's mouth is similar to a scene in King Kong.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Mowgli isn't that buff in the movie.
  • In the TaleSpin series, Rebecca and Baloo do not have any romantic feelings towards each other. However, Rebecca is implied to have some feelings for Baloo in the series itself.

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