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Season: 4

Episode: Tell My Mom

Length: 2:10

Cast: Donald Faison (G.D. "Generally Displeased" Barabus), Seth Green (Mel McKay, Thugs, Captain F.N. "F***ing Nuts" Madlock, Cop), Ron Perlman (Handyballs), Tom Root (Cop), Matthew Senreich (Noah "Assman" Hathaway)

Characters: Mel McKay, Thugs, Handyballs, G.D. "Generally Displeased" Barabus, Noah "Assman" Hathaway, Captain F.N. "F***ing Nuts" Madlock, Cops

Segment Summary: McKay's bar can only afford to pay the second-best set of mercenary war criminals.

Themes: Bleeped, Death


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