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Season: 2

Episode: Federated Resources

Length: :

Cast: Victor Yerrid (Swedish Chef), Chad Morgan (Swedish Chef's Wife)

Characters: Swedish Chef, Mork, Quark, Bjork, Nerd, Tom Root, Hot Dog Vendor, Orc, Swedish Chef's Wife

Segment Summary: The Swedish Chef "borks" his way through New York City.

Animated By: Mark Caballero

Themes: Bleeped, Death, Violence


  • Jim Henson's "Swedish Chef" character from The Muppet Show is known for saying "Bork" all the time.
  • Things he sees on his way:
    • Bjork (Scandinavian singer/songwriter).
    • Mork (Robin Williams' character from "Mork and Mindy").
    • A dork.
    • An "I Love New York" poster.
    • Quark from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".
    • A poster for The Monkees (With member Peter Tork).
    • Tom Root playing "Zork" (The first popular text adventure game).
    • A hot dog stand (pork) where he asks for a fork.
    • The vendor hands the Chef a spork, but is then stabbed through the chest by an Orc.
  • While passing Mork, the Chef says "Nanoo", a reference to that character's catchphrase in Mork and Mindy.
  • Bjork is shown wearing the "swan dress" she was famously seen in at the 2001 Academy Awards.

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