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Season: 3

Episode: Tapping a Hero

Length: 3:19

Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin (Pamela Anderson, Stan Lee's Wife), Seth Green (Aquaman, Doctor Octopus, Hourman, May Parker, Red Skull), Stan Lee (Himself), Breckin Meyer (Bizarro), Chad Morgan (Woman, Paris Hilton), Tom Root (Uatu the Watcher, Husband), Michelle Trachtenberg (Wife)

Characters: Stan Lee, Pamela Anderson, Captain America, Red Skull, Uatu the Watcher, Paris Hilton, Bizarro, Aquaman, Gorton (Gorton's Seafood), Hourman, Spider-Man, Aunt May, Doctor Octopus

Segment Summary: Stan Lee & Pamela Anderson bring you the hottest superhero news and gossip.

Themes: Comics, Film, Segmented, Sexuality, Superheroes, Television, Continued


  • Stan Lee is a comic book writer.
  • Pam Anderson was the star of Lee's indecent animated TV series, Stripperella; she is called this by Lee.
  • Hourman and Aquaman are DC comics superheroes, while Bizarro is a DC comics supervillain.
  • The Watcher, Spider-Man, and Captain America are Marvel Comics superheroes, while Doctor Octopus and Red Skull are Marvel supervillains.
  • Stan Lee makes a joke about the box-office faliure Catwoman.

Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • In the comics, the "superhuman serum" that enhanced Captain America's physical attributes also improved his mental faculties—such as cognition, perception, balance, aim, and reflexes—to near genius-level. This allows him to instantly calculate ballistic-physics and predict the probable trajectory of objects in motion. As a result he deflect bullets with his shield without collateral ricochet to civilians, unlike how he is depicted in this sketch.
  • Hourman uses Miraclo to give him superpowers.
  • Bizzaro is married to Bizzaro Lois Lane.
  • Bizarro's head is too big here.

Online Commentary:
The Watcher - Is This Something People Do? - Bizarro - Whales and Aquaman - Hourman - Orgasmic Scream-a-Thon - Rejected Superhero Sketches - Excelsior!

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