Random Stoop!d Monkey

Smonkey Stoopid Monkey is the name of Robot Chicken's entity card (aka production company).
Mbb.gif Its logo depicts the monkey engaging in a different stoopid activity (with one stoopid exception) at the close of each episode.
Mbb.gif Seth Green provides the voice declaring the company name as each card is displayed.
Mbb.gif Each Stoop!d Monkey is lovingly rendered by artist/actor Adam Talbott. Talbot
Mbb.gif Check out the Stoop!d Monkey gallery.
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Mbb.gif Stoop!d Monkey Productions,in its first foray into film, has signed a two-picture deal with Dimension Films that includes the production of a stop-motion animated Christmas movie titled "Naughty or Nice." Check out this press release on Seth Green's site for complete details.
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The following is a log of Stoop!d Monkey's activities.

Danger Key - Click a head below to see its corresponding monkey!
Mbg.gif The monkey should come out unscathed.
Mbb.gif There's a distinct possibility of injury.
Mby.gif This very well may result in the monkey's demise.
Mbr.gif He's dead, Jim!

Season 1: Death
Mbb.gif Junk in the Trunk — He's about to hit his tail with a hammer.
Mby.gif Nutcracker Sweet — He's smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.
Mbb.gif Gold Dust Gasoline — He's about to whack a beehive with a stick.
Mby.gif Plastic Buffet — He's drinking a gallon of bleach.
Mbb.gif Toyz in the Hood — He's sticking one hand into a blender while turning it on with the other.
Mby.gif Vegetable Funfest — He's doused himself in gasoline and is holding a lit match.
Mby.gif A Piece of the Action — He's being cooked by a headhunter.
Mby.gif The Deep End — He just pulled the pin from a grenade.
Mby.gif S&M Present — He's holding a banana in one hand and a gun in the other. Guess which one is in his mouth?
Mbg.gif Badunkadunk — He's looking at a world history book upside-down. The background suggests that he's looking at the Infinite monkey theorem.
Mbb.gif Toy Meets Girl — He's running with scissors.
Mby.gif Midnight Snack — He's being cooked by a headhunter.. again, but with a different background.
Mbb.gif Atta Toy — He's about to bite his own tail.
Mbg.gif Joint Point — He's sticking a finger up his nose and out an ear.
Mby.gif Kiddie Pool — He's climbing into the mouth of a crocodile.
Mby.gif Nightmare Generator — He's about to drop a toaster into his bath.
Mby.gif Operation Rich in Spirit — He's got his head in a toilet.
Mby.gif The Sack — He's eating his own brain.
Mby.gif Adultizzle Swizzle — He's eating his own brain.
Mbb.gif That Hurts Me — He's about to cut his tongue out.
Mbr.gif The Black Cherry — While we don't see him doing something idiotic, he's nothing more than a skull, meaning that he somehow has died.

Season 2:
Mby.gif Suck It — He's just infected himself with the bird flu.
Mby.gif Federated Resources — He's about to chop his head off in a guillotine.
Mbr.gif Easter Basket — He's blown himself up.
Mby.gif Celebrity Rocket — He's just pushed a button that triggers a large explosion.
Mby.gif Dragon Nuts — He's jumped off a cliff with an inadequate hang glider.
Mby.gif 1987 — He's chowing down on some poison oak.
Mbr.gif Cracked China — He's decapitated himself with a pair of gardening shears.
Mbg.gif Rodiggiti — He's haphazardly shaved off most of his fur.
Mbg.gif Massage Chair — He's fallen in love with a python.
Mbb.gif Password: Swordfish — He's hitting on the girlfriend of a very large gorilla.
Mbr.gif Adoption's an Option — He's just a head on a wall mounting.
Mbg.gif The Munnery — He's been fishing for a goldfish in its bowl.
Mbb.gif Metal Militia — He's scored a bullseye while playing darts... with his own eye as the target .
Mby.gif Veggies for Sloth — He's been impaled by a chainsaw.
Mby.gif Blankets in a Pig — He's been impaled by a chainsaw.
Mby.gif Sausage Fest — He's about to stick his finger up a light bulb socket until... ZAP!

Mbr.gif Drippy Pony — He's been run over by a car, while trying to ask the chicken why it crossed the road.
Mbb.gif Day at the Circus — He's impaled himself through the eye with a cue in a game of billiards.
Mbg.gif Lust for Puppets — He's inked an upside-down tattoo on his own chest.
Mbb.gif Anne Marie's Pride — He's feeding himself into a meat grinder.
Mbg.gif Book of Corrine — Stoop!d Monkey appears outside his natural habitat (logo screen) for the first time ever during Robot Chicken Telethon. He can be seen in a technical difficulties screen, all tangled up in a spool of video tape. Twice!
Mbb.gif Book of Corrine — He's busy sawing off the tree branch that he's hanging onto.

Season 3:
Mbg.gif Werewolf vs. Unicorn — He's behind grass holding up a sign that reads "WAR IS THE ANSWER".
Mbb.gif Squaw Bury Shortcake — He's about to eat an octopus... or is it the other way around?
Mby.gif Rabbits on a Roller Coaster — He's fallen prey to a giant carnivorous monkey-eating plant.
Mbb.gif Tapping a Hero — He's scored yet another monkey's eye - this time in archery.
Mbb.gif Shoe — He's ignored the "DONT FEED THE ANIMALS" sign, and lost a paw as a result.
Mbg.gif Endless Breadsticks — He's munching on a cat box offering.
Mbb.gif Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy — He's attempted to eat a pufferfish.
Mbg.gif More Blood, More Chocolate — He's wearing an "IM WITH STUPID!" shirt with an arrow pointing upward, indicating himself as "stupid".
Mby.gif Celebutard Mountain — He's chasing a butterfly off a cliff.
Mbb.gif Moesha Poppins — He's attempting to steal a banana that belongs to a very large gorilla.
Mbb.gif Ban on the Fun — He's fallen in love with a cactus.
Mbb.gif Losin' the Wobble — He's focusing the sun's rays with a magnifying glass into his eye.
Mbb.gif Slaughterhouse on the Prairie — He's attempting to steal an egg from a giant condor.
Mbg.gif Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special — He's just scored with a Sock Monkey in bed.
Mbg.gif Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba — He's eating a whole pack of "Montos" and is about to wash it down with diet cola.
Mby.gif Boo Cocky — He's on a water tube and about to be eaten by a shark.
Mbb.gif Bionic Cow — He's gnawing on a bone while its pit bull owner looks on angrily.
Mby.gif Monstourage — He's about to mine for diamonds in a mine field.
Mby.gif President Evil — He's about to take a dip in a pool of molten lava.
Mby.gif Chirlaxx — He's gotten stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits.

Season 4: TBA

Season 5: While we don't get to see him doing somthing idiotic, a shining stencil of his head does appear in the closing logo.

Season 6: Same as before but the monkey is redrawn to look cuter, the text is colored orange, as well as bars for the E.

Season 7: The text is put on a red background with a spotlight, but where's the monkey?

Season 8: The monkey is doing foolish activity again, Biggie and QT are absent.

Season 9: Instead, it has a graidient backgrond. As a result, the outline is no longer used.

Season 10: The monkey is doing foolish activity (on a gradient background) once again.

Mby.gif Robot Chicken Christmas Special — He's hanged himself with a string of Christmas lights.
Mbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars — He's severed his hand with a lightsaber.

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