Spike Fraser in: Should I Happen To Back Into A Horse is the ninth episode of Season 10 of Robot Chicken. It premiered on October 27, 2019.

Synopsis: The "Robot Chicken" crew reveals what really happened to Bambi's mother; an Animorph revives the Red Panda population; Brainy Smurf gets diagnosed with CTE; Bitch Pudding goes up against Norman Bates to see who is more psycho.

Segments[edit | edit source]

  1. Pop Goes the Weasel (literally)
  2. Infinity by Hugo Versace
  3. Sauron Ring Toss
  4. Bambi Family Reunion
  5. Paddington 3: First Look
  6. Robot Chicken Does Animorphs
  7. Brainy Smurf Gets CTE
  8. The Punisher is Not Alone
  9. Blue's Clues Testimony
  10. E.T. Alternate Ending
  11. Cheetah Takes on Princess Diana
  12. How Skeletor Got His Name
  13. JFK and the Magic Bullet
  14. Children of the Nights
  15. Absentee Predator
  16. Bitch Pudding Goes Psycho
  17. Absentee Predator end-tag
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