Snoopy Camino Lindo in: Quick and Dirty Squirrel Shot is the seventh episode of Season 10 of Robot Chicken. It premiered on October 20, 2019.

Synopsis: The Scooby Gang saves Velma from getting cancer; what really happened on Noah's ark; the "Robot Chicken" writers wonder what happens to all the toys that have ever been recalled.

Segments[edit | edit source]

  1. Don't Fall Down
  2. Megamind's Examination
  3. Scooby Saves a Life
  4. A Baby Abomination
  5. Dracula Workaround
  6. Ocean's One
  7. Noah's Titanic
  8. Robot Wars
  9. Origin of the Yellow Brick Road
  10. Liv and Maddie in Hollywood
  11. Punchy and Kool-Aid Man Get Physical
  12. Slender Man: Out of Shape
  13. The 5th Annual Brodeo
  14. Island of Recalled Toys
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