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Season: 4

Episode: I Love Her

Length: 1:55

Cast: Zac Efron (Harry Potter), Seth Green (Professor Albus Dumbledore, Professor Severus Snape, Criss Angel), Wendy Shapero (Hermione Granger), Stuart Townsend (Ron Weasley)

Characters: Professor Albus Dumbledore, Professor Severus Snape, Criss Angel, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Students, Guy with Pulley, Fake Unicorn, Unicorn

Segment Summary: Criss Angel mindfreaks Hogwarts, and just freaks "us" out.

Themes: Animals, Death, Television, Film, Literature


Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Hermione refers to the price of her textbook in UK currency, but the Harry Potter books and films make it clear that the wizarding world uses its own currency (knuts, galleons, et. all).
  • Although it's obvious who the characters are, Harry, Hermione, and Ron are wearing multiple House colors instead of just Gryffindor gold/red. Ron is wearing Hufflepuff colors yellow and black, and Hermione is wearing blue and silver, which in that combination don't belong to any particular House.

Transcription - Interpretations

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