Season 10 is the 10th

season confirmed at San Diego Comic Con 2018. It will premiere the 29th September

2019.This season will mark the 200th Robot Chicken episode


  1. Ginger Hill in: Bursting Pipes (29th September 2019)
  2. Bugs Keith in: I Can't Call Heaven, Doug (29th September 2019)
  3. Fila Ogden in: Maggie's Got a Full Load (7th October 2019)
  4. Hermie Nursery in: Seafood Sensation (7th October 2019)
  5. Garfield Stockman in: A Voice Like Wet Ham (14th October 2019)
  6. Boogie Bardstown in: No Need, I Have Coupons (14th October 2019)
  7. Snoopy Camino Lindo in: Quick and Dirty Squirrel Shot (21th October 2019)
  8. Molly Lucero in: Your Friend's Boob (21th October 2019)
  9. Spike Fraser in: Should I Happen to Back Into A Horse (28th October 2019)
  10. Musya Shakhtyorov in: Honeyboogers (28th October 2019)
  11.  Robot Chicken’s Santa’s Dead (Spoiler Alert) Holiday Murder Thing Special (10th December 2019)

Plus a yet unnamed special that will air in 2020


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