Screenshot Needed

Please follow these basic rules when uploading Robot Chicken screenshots:

  • Look for a "SCREENSHOT NEEDED" graphic (pictured right) on any episode, segment, or allusion page.
  • A screenshot's filename should match the name of the page on which it will reside.
  • If the page's name contains any characters that are not allowed in a filename, (such as an apostrophe) subtract the character(s) from the filename and add the edited name to the {{Screenshot}} or |screenshot= line. Example: {{Screenshot|Adoptions an Option}} or |screenshot=Adoptions an Option.
  • All screenshots should be in JPEG format and 640x480 in resolution.
  • All segment screenshot captions should read: From the episode ''[[Episode Name]]''.
  • All other screenshot captions should read: From the segment [[Segment Name]]. Italicize the segment name if the title is official. See the segment list for which titles are official.
  • Do not submit a screenshot of a segment's title screen. The page it will reside on is already titled, making it redundant.
  • Do not add screenshots captured from television. Please only submit screenshots from their respective DVD sets.
  • Updating screenshots we already have from TV to DVD captures is also needed.
  • Upload a screenshot. Your help is appreciated!
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