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Episode Name: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship

Air Date: 10/18/2015

Written By: Doug Goldstein, Tom Root, Hugh Davidson, Mike Fasolo, Seth Green, Geoff Johns, J.T. Krul, Breckin Meyer, Matthew Senreich, Tom Sheppard, Kevin Shinick

Directed By: Tom Sheppard, Zeb Wells

Cast: Seth Green, Jonathan Banks, Dee Bradley Baker, Alex Borstein, Hugh Davidson, Nathan Fillion, Shooter Jennings, Breckin Meyer, Alfred Molina, Paul Reubens, Giovanni Ribisi, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick, Burt Ward, Zeb Wells, Adam West, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Mae Whitman

Episode Summary: Superman and Batman's relationship are on the outs as their competitive natures ratchet up just as the universe falls into jeopardy.

Segment List

  1. Swamp Thing gets a little too excited during sex.
  2. The opening is a parody of the Dukes of Hazards intro with Batman, Superman, and their supporting characters.
  3. While driving to the Hall of Justice in the Batmobile, Superman rubs it in that he has powers and Batman doesn't.
  4. Brainiac uses his supermind for basic trivia with friends.
  5. The Justice League welcomes the newest member, Guy with a Rock, to make fun of the powerless Batman and Green Arrow.
  6. An unlucky chicken is pitted against Hawkman in a cockfight.
  7. Catwoman gets a little too comfortable as she watches the Grumpy Cat Christmas Special.
  8. Batman reveals to Robin his contingency plans on how to kill all the members of the Justice League.
  9. Kryptonian private investigator Tran-Sar reveals the true story of how Superman came to Earth.
  10. Plastic Man, Brainiac, and a couple robbers debate on what Plastic Man should be called.
  11. Batman shows Ra's al Ghul how the Lazarus Pit's greatest strength can also be Ghul's greatest weakness.
  12. At the DMV, Cyborg's confused when his name bares a strong resemblance to someone else.
  13. Superman makes Batman believe he doesn't need powers to bring back his loved ones.
  14. Psimon may have vast mental powers, but has a major design flaw shown during a bike ride.
  15. Batman Fire Drill
  16. Batman and Superman are forced to do counseling with Doctor Fate.
  17. Aquaman tries using his powers to get a candy bar from a vending machine.
  18. The Penguin is distracted by Robin's smooth legs during a fight.
  19. Crisis on Multiple Earths: Fed up with Superman's taunting, Batman uses Flash's cosmic treadmill to introduce the League to a nicer Earth-B Superman. Superman retaliates by using the treadmill to bring over Adam West's Batman to impress the League. Batman and Superman's abuse of the treadmill leads to the creation of the Composite Superman who endangers the multiverse and causes multiple versions of DC characters to start showing up everywhere. Batman and Superman must put their differences aside to stop this new threat.
  20. Lex Luthor begins a new boy band with his alternate counterparts called "Sexx II Men", the sequel to "Sexx Luthor".
  21. Burt Ward uses the Lazarus Pit to relive the glory days with Adam West, only at the cost of Robin's clothes.





The working title was RCDC 3: "Friendship is Magic" and referenced the 2010 My Little Pony series. The new subtitles "Magical Friendship" vaguely reference the cartoon as well.


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