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Episode Name: Robot Chicken: Star Wars

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Air Date: 6/17/08

Written By: Jordan Allen-Dutton, Mike Fasolo, Doug Goldstein, Seth Green, Charles Horn, Breckin Meyer, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich, Hugh Sterbakov, Erik Weiner

Directed By: Seth Green

Cast: Candace Bailey, Abraham Benrubi, Bob Bergen, Ahmed Best, Donald Faison, Joey Fatone, Keith Ferguson, Seth Green, Mark Hamill, Hulk Hogan, Tom Kane, George Lucas, Seth MacFarlane, Malcolm McDowell, Breckin Meyer, Dan Milano, Chad Morgan, Conan O'Brien, Robert Smigel, Adam Talbott, James Van Der Beek

Episode Summary: The disturbance in The Force just got more disturbing.

Trivia / Info:

  • Watch the episode with optional pop-up commentary by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.
  • This special is available for purchase on iTunes.
  • The special edition DVD of Robot Chicken: Star Wars is now available! Order now on
  • This episode is available on Xbox Live.
  • This article is the most popular on this wiki, having passed up Stoop!d Monkey.
  • Previously known as the "Robot Chicken Star Wars Special", and was originally slated to be aired during Super Bowl XLI.
  • The run time for the Star Wars episode is twenty two minutes, double the usual Robot Chicken length.
  • The mad scientist and the chicken reenact the scenes in which Darth Vader is "born" at the beginning of the episode.
  • "Director of Animation" has been replaced with "Director De Animacion".
  • The line, "It's alive!", has been replaced with the sound of Darth Vader breathing.
  • Part of the opening theme song has been modified into a version of the Imperial March Theme played in the style of Robot Chicken.
  • In the version aired on TV, the Robot Chicken: Star Wars logo is seen coming right out of the commercial break, just before the next segment (Bespin Forecast).
  • The ending features a chorus of chickens "singing" the Star Wars theme over the closing credits.
  • The Stoop!d Monkey has severed his hand with a lightsaber.
  • In the Star Wars episode of Family Guy entitled "Blue Harvest," at the end of the story Chris Griffin (not coincidentally voiced by Seth Green) accuses Peter of stealing the Star Wars special idea from Robot Chicken.
  • There are no sketches parodying Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. But the planet Kamino (seen in the said film) is refrenced on the ticker in Bespin Forecast.
  • Buy the RC: SW Stoop!d Monkey shirt here or here
  • The Robot Chicken: Star Wars Website at
  • An article
  • The trailer
  • Boba Fett trailer
  • George Lucas Therapy trailer
  • An in-depth look
  • During the initial broadcast, Seth, Matt & Breckin "took over" Adult Swim. The Robot Chicken episode was shown repeatedly all night long, and they did behind-the-scenes commentary between airings.
  • An over-the-top channel flip was produced simply so that it could be rejected and make some of the other potentially controversial sketches seem less so. The segment put a twist on Han Solo's line, "You're all clear kid, now let's blow this thing and go home!".

Segment List:

  1. Inside the AT-AT
  2. The Emperor's Phone Call (from 1987)
  3. Jawa's Drink Order
  4. The Janitor on Naboo
  5. Admiral Ackbar Cereal
  6. Ponda Baba's Bad Day
  7. Droid Metal Detector
  8. Jedi Butter Fingers
  9. Vader's Stuck
  10. Death Star Orientation
  11. Luke is Alone
  12. George Lucas at the Convention
  13. Luke's Training
  14. Space Slug Chinese Delivery
  15. The Janitor on Coruscant
  16. Jedi Master George W. (from Massage Chair)
  17. Bespin Forecast
  18. Tautaun Camp Out
  19. Death Star Yo Momma
  20. The Janitor on the Death Star
  21. Slight Weapons Malfunction
  22. Jar Jar Returns
  23. The Power Converters
  24. Boba Fett Wins
  25. Chewbacca's Happy Days
  26. Luke Learns the Truth (Clip of Welcome to the Spoilers from Vegetable Funfest)
  27. Not Fully Operational Battle Station
  28. Lobot!
  29. Max Reebo Greatest Hits
  30. Mid-Nite With Zuckuss
  31. The Morning After With Luke & Leia
  32. Empire on Ice

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