Here's the list of episodes in the order in which they were produced. This is how the official site lists them, and also how they are ordered on the DVD sets.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1: Cbb.gif The Deep End

Episode 2: Cbb.gif Junk in the Trunk

Episode 3: Cbb.gif Nightmare Generator

Episode 4: Cbb.gif The Sack

Episode 5: Cbb.gif Nutcracker Sweet

Episode 6: Cbb.gif Gold Dust Gasoline

Episode 7: Cbb.gif Kiddie Pool

Episode 8: Cbb.gif Plastic Buffet

Episode 9: Cbb.gif A Piece of the Action

Episode 10: Cbb.gif Toyz in the Hood

Episode 11: Cbb.gif Vegetable Fun Fest

Episode 12: Cbb.gif S&M Present

Episode 13: Cbb.gif Badunkadunk

Episode 14: Cbb.gif Toy Meets Girl

Episode 15: Cbb.gif Midnight Snack

Episode 16: Cbb.gif Atta Toy

Episode 17: Cbb.gif Joint Point

Episode 18: Cbb.gif Operation Rich in Spirit

Episode 19: Cbb.gif That Hurts Me

Episode 20: Cbb.gif The Black Cherry

Season 2 Edit

Episode 21: Cbb.gif Suck It

Episode 22: Cbb.gif Easter Basket

Episode 23: Cbb.gif 1987

Episode 24: Cbb.gif Celebrity Rocket

Episode 25: Cbb.gif Federated Resources

Episode 26: Cbb.gif Dragon Nuts

Episode 27: Cbb.gif Cracked China

Episode 28: Cbb.gif Rodiggiti

Episode 29: Cbb.gif Password: Swordfish

Episode 30: Cbb.gif Massage Chair

Episode 31: Cbb.gif Metal Militia

Episode 32: Cbb.gif Veggies for Sloth

Episode 33: Cbb.gif Sausage Fest

Episode 34: Cbb.gif Drippy Pony

Episode 35: Cbb.gif The Munnery

Episode 36: Cbb.gif Adoption's an Option

Episode 37: Cbb.gif A Day at the Circus

Episode 38: Cbb.gif Lust for Puppets

Episode 39: Cbb.gif Anne Marie's Pride

Episode 40: Cbb.gif Book of Corrine

Season 3 Edit

Episode 41: Cbb.gif Werewolf vs. Unicorn

Episode 42: Cbb.gif Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba

Episode 43: Cbb.gif Squaw Bury Shortcake

Episode 44: Cbb.gif Rabbits on a Roller Coaster

Episode 45: Cbb.gif Tapping a Hero

Episode 46: Cbb.gif Shoe

Episode 47: Cbb.gif Endless Breadsticks

Episode 48: Cbb.gif Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy

Episode 49: Cbb.gif More Blood, More Chocolate

Episode 50: Cbb.gif Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special

Episode 51: Cbb.gif Celebutard Mountain

Episode 52: Cbb.gif Moesha Poppins

Episode 53: Cbb.gif Ban on the Fun

Episode 54: Cbb.gif Losin' the Wobble

Episode 55: Cbb.gif Slaughterhouse on the Prairie

Episode 56: Cbb.gif Boo Cocky

Episode 57: Cbb.gif Bionic Cow

Episode 58: Cbb.gif Monstourage

Episode 59: Cbb.gif President Evil

Episode 60: Cbb.gif Chirlaxx

Season 4 Edit

Episode 61: Cbb.gif Help Me

Episode 62: Cbb.gif I'm Trapped

Episode 63: Cbb.gif In a DVD Factory

Episode 64: Cbb.gif They Took My Thumbs

Episode 65: Cbb.gif Two Weeks Without Food

Episode 66: Cbb.gif Tell My Mom

Episode 67: Cbb.gif I Love Her

Episode 68: Cbb.gif But Not In That Way

Episode 69: Cbb.gif Love, Maurice

Episode 70: Cbb.gif P.S. Yes, In That Way

Episode 71: Cbb.gif Dear Consumer

Episode 72: Cbb.gif We Are a Humble Factory

Episode 73: Cbb.gif Maurice Was Caught

Episode 74: Cbb.gif Unionizing Our Labor

Episode 75: Cbb.gif President Hu Forbids It

Episode 76: Cbb.gif Due to Constraints of Time and Budget

Episode 77: Cbb.gif The Ramblings of Maurice

Episode 78: Cbb.gif Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry

Episode 79: Cbb.gif Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors

Episode 80: Cbb.gif Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!

Season 5 Edit

Episode 81: Cbb.gif Saving Private Gigli

Episode 82: Cbb.gif Terms of Endaredevil

Episode 83: Cbb.gif Big Trouble in Little Clerks 2

Episode 84: Cbb.gif Kramer vs. Showgirls

Episode 85: Cbb.gif Malcolm X: Fully Loaded

Episode 86: Cbb.gif Robot Chicken's DP Christmas Special

Episode 87: Cbb.gif Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Episode 88: Cbb.gif Schindler's Bucket List

Episode 89: Cbb.gif No Country For Old Dogs

Episode 90: Cbb.gif Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack

Episode 91: Cbb.gif Beastmaster & Commander

Episode 92: Cbb.gif Casablankman

Episode 93: Cbb.gif The Departy Monster

Episode 94: Cbb.gif Some Like It Hitman

Episode 95: Cbb.gif The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

Episode 96: Cbb.gif Casablankman II

Episode 97: Cbb.gif The Curious Case of the Box

Episode 98: Cbb.gif The Godfather of the Bride II

Episode 99: Cbb.gif Fool's Goldfinger

Episode 100: Cbb.gif Fight Club Paradise

Specials Edit

Episode 1: Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars

Episode 2: Cbb.gif Robot Chicken Christmas Special

Episode 3: Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II

Episode 4: Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

Episode 5: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Episode 6: Born Again Virgin Christmas Special

Episode 7: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship

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