• This Character Does not Speak.

Pooky is Garfield's teddy bear and best friend that Garfield discovered stuffed in a drawer. Despite the fact that Pooky is a stuffed animal, Garfield acts as though he can communicate with him. At one point, Garfield pretended to teach Pooky how to jump through hoops then Garfield turned around to talk to Jon. When he turned back Pooky was on the other side of the hoop. Garfield is generally overprotective of Pooky. Once Garfield thought he lost Pooky so he turned into "The Caped Avenger", a repeating storyline, and tried to find Pooky. It turned out that Jon had just thrown him in the wash.

The strip shows Garfield searching through Jon Arbuckle's bottom drawer, finding Pooky, and adopting him as his own. In the Spanish translation of the strip, Pooky was initially named "Doggy" ("perrito"), but it was suddenly changed back to Pooky in further lines. In a few strips, he is referred to as "Pookie" but "Pooky" is clearly used more often. Jon can sometimes be seen fooled by his own thoughts and sometimes fooled by Garfield to think he's real.

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