Ord as he appears in the show.

Ord (voiced by Ty Olsson) is a large, strong, fast, blue dragon from the show Dragon Tales. Ord is afraid of almost everything. More than anything, Ord wishes he could be brave. Ord has a badge that lights up when he finds a way to overcome his fears - even if his courage is fleeting. Like the other dragons, Ord loves to fly. When Emmy or the other dragons want to encourage their big friend, they point out that he once was afraid of flying and now he's not. The one thing as big as Ord's heart is his appetite and he can almost always be distracted by food -- his personal favorites are dragonberry pies, dragonberry muffins and dragonberry cakes. Ord loves his friends, especially Max, whom he affectionately calls "little buddy" as well as Emmy and Enrique. When Ord is afraid, he turns invisible. Ord makes mistakes all the time, they can even be funny, but he never complains.

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