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Season: 1

Episode: Gold Dust Gasoline

Length: 1:45

Cast: Abraham Benrubi (Male Dragon), Seth Green (Male Cyclops, Merman), Mila Kunis (Female Unicorn), Matthew Lillard (Male Unicorn), Dan Milano (Minotaur, Giraffe, Noah)

Characters: Unicorns, Dragons, Cyclopes, Minotaurs, Mermaid, Merman, Noah, Giraffe, Pixie Fairies

Segment Summary: The animals Noah left behind try to survive the flood in their very own ark.

Animated By: Josh Jennings

Themes: Animals, Bleeped, Bug Eyes, Death, Film, Literature, Sexuality, Violence


  • This segment refers to the biblical story of Noah's Ark.
  • The Cyclops exclaiming "Game over, man. Game over!" is a reference to the film Aliens.
  • The ark for this sketch is based on the playmobile Noah's Ark Set along with the rooster, bluebird, parrot and Zebras.

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