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Season: 5

Episode: Malcolm X: Fully Loaded

Length: 2:46

Cast: Madison Dylan (Registration Lady), Donald Faison (Mumm-Ra), Seth Green (Cobra Commander, Starscream), Breckin Meyer (Nicky Passion), Dan Milano (Skeletor), Frank Welker (Megatron, Cy-Kill)

Characters: Nicky Passion, Cobra Commander, Duke, Shredder, Lex Luthor, Evil Scientist, Negative Wonder Woman, Miles Mayhem, Beast Man, Megatron, Bob Barker, Cobra Soldiers, Police Officers, Registration Lady, Cy-Kill, Loki, Dick Cheney, Emperor Palpatine, Two-Bad, Starscream, Faker, Mumm-Ra, Skeletor

Segment Summary: Motivational motivator Nicky Passion gives Cobra Commander, Megatron and Skeletor some life advice. A lost cause to be sure.

Written By: Breckin Meyer

Themes: Food & Drink, Real Toys, Robots, Violence, Television


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