Musha Shakhtyorov in: Honeyboogers is the tenth episode of Season 10 in Robot Chicken. It premiered on October 27, 2019.

Synopsis: The Squatch Squad emerges from hiding to protect their forest home; the Wuzzles meet the Fly and things get a little bit crazy; the writers reveal Bill & Ted's last and greatest adventure.

Segments[edit | edit source]

  1. What's a Dump Without a Phone?
  2. The Squatch Squad
  3. Marion Ravenwood's Adventure
  4. Dread Pirate Roberts' Adventurous Journey
  5. Stormtrooper Curious
  6. Morpheus Explains Bitcoin
  7. The Fly Is A Wuzzle Too
  8. The Truth About Honey Bear
  9. Dinosaur Debate
  10. Gooey Louie on an Airplane
  11. Hitler's Secret Weapon
  12. Electromagnetic Cat-astrophe
  13. Alien Pez Dispenser
  14. Superman vs. Global Warming
  15. When a Gargoyle's Gotta Go...
  16. Bill & Ted Face the Music
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