Munson is a recurring character in Robot Chicken. He is voiced by Breckin Meyer.

Munson is a Caucasian male with brown hair, a white T-Shirt covered by a ripped jean vest with black jeans and tennis shoes. He is the neighbor to Daniel that constantly belittles and bullies him and his friends at any given chance teasing him with homosexual slurs, toilet humor (one instance making Daniel confess on camera that he loves the smell of his own farts), and even verbally attacking them with little to no remorse.

Despite often harassing Daniel for his activities, it is revealed that Munson plays Dungeons N' Dragons using the character King Kickass as he revealed his character sheets to the Nerd although he claims the game to be "queer" and "whoever played it had two vaginas". In the skit Zombie Love, Munson is shown to practice in the sport shot put and a skilled sniper able to continue to shoot at Daniel's mother's car with one hand while facing the other way.

In the skit Bad Boy Meets Damaged Girl With Daddy Issues, Munson dates Lindsay Lohan and impregnates her.

Episodes Appeared In Edit

Cbb.gif Werewolf vs. Unicorn

Cbb.gif I Love Her

Cbb.gif President Hu Forbids It

Cbb.gif Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!

Cbb.gif 100

Cbb.gif Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War

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