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Season: 3

Episode: Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special

Length: 3:16

Cast: Seth Green (555 95472, Snoopy), Zachary Gordon (Franklin, Linus, Charlie Brown), Katelin Peterson (Frieda, Sally)

Characters: Pigpen, Lucy, Linus, Frieda, Franklin, 555 95472, Snoopy, Sally, Charlie Brown, Woodstock

Segment Summary: Charlie Brown's sister, Sally, nurses a "sick" Linus back to health.

Written By: Kevin Shinick

Themes: Animals, Blood, Comics, Death, Film, Holidays, Injuries, Lengthy, Mashups, Television, Violence


  • This segment is a mashup of the Peanuts comic and the film Misery.
  • Snoopy and Woodstock wear costumes that parody those of Batman and Robin on the 1960s live-action show.
  • Snoopy tosses Linus at a tree in a manner very similar to what happens to Charlie Brown at the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas. In the original broadcast, Linus is thrown into a sign for the sponsor of the broadcast, Coca-Cola.
  • Other references to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" includes the christmas tree Sally brings out before breaking Linus' legs, and Linus speech about Sally at the end, which mirrors Linus' speech about the christmas tree in that special.
  • Linus' line, "Oh, my God! They just murdered Val Kilmer!" is a reference to the Kenny gag from South Park. Ironically, in the mashup of Peanuts and South Park from Mad TV, South Parknuts, Linus takes on the role of Kenny.
  • Linus strangling Sally with his blanket mirrors a similar scene in the short film "Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown" where he does the same thing to Charlie Brown by turning it into a makeshift garroting wire.
  • Linus strangled Sally with his blanket is similar to how Princess Leia strangled Jabba the Hutt with her chains in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Trivia / Info:

  • Snoopy is constantly referred to as Val Kilmer, the actor who played Batman in Batman Forever.
  • When Linus' leg gets whacked by Sally, he yells "Schulz!". This is a reference to Charles M. Schulz, creator of The Peanuts. It's also similar to the Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Big House Bunny", where Yosemite Sam is referred to as Sam Schulz (a parody of of Dutch Schulz) and through the the cartoon, the warden constantly calls to him by yelling "Schulz!".
  • This segment suggests that Charlie Brown is bald because of chermotherapy.
  • If paused at the right point, the first letter can be read. It reads


Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Franklin didn't appear until 1968. This is based around A Charlie Brown Christmas, which was released in 1965.
  • When Linus unties himself, his legs weren't in bandages. It must be assumed that the scene was made before Sally breaks his legs.
  • Woodstock disappears from the skit after he and Snoopy dresses up as Batman and Robin.

Transcription - Interpretations

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