Mike Lazzo is an American television executive who served from 2001 to 2019 as the executive Vice President of comedy programming at Williams Street Studios, the company that makes the

Mike Lazzo as himself on Robot Chicken.

Toonami, Miguzi, Fridays, and Adult Swim programming blocks on Cartoon Network. He started out running Cartoon Network when it was simply a place to show cartoons from the Hanna-Barbera library, after Turner purchased it. In 1996 when Turner and Time-Warner merged he lost control of Cartoon Network and moved over to working for Williams Street. He is commonly and usually incorrectly credited as the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Stroker and Hoop, 12 oz. Mouse, and Squidbillies, among others. However, he did help to create the show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Lazzo, along with Cartoon Network Executive Khaki Jones, helped restart Home Movies on Adult Swim after the show had been cancelled on UPN. Because the shows under his control have been so popular, it is generally believed that he holds a lot of weight in Adult Swim's decisions.

Lazzo retired from Adult Swim in 2019 - and his position was assumed by Keith Crofford.

Episodes Acted In:

Cbb.gif Suck It

Cbb.gif Easter Basket

Cbb.gif Werewolf vs. Unicorn

Cbb.gif Beastmaster & Commander

Episodes Appeared In: 

Cbb.gif Chirlaxx

Cbb.gif Help Me

Cbb.gif 100

Cbb.gif 120

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