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Season: 5

Episode: The Departy Monster

Length: 1:14

Cast: Amy Brenneman (Queen Toadstool), Seth Green (Mario), Rachael MacFarlane (Princess Peach), Matthew Senreich (King Toadstool)

Characters: Mario, Princess Peach, Queen Toadstool, King Toadstool

Segment Summary: Mario meets Princess Peach's parents.

Themes: Bleeped, Games, Love, Food & Drink, Bodily Functions, Money, Destruction


Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • None of the original sound effects from Super Mario Bros. were used in the segment except for Mario's growing when he absorbs the Queen's flower.
  • The "M" in Mario's hat is white when he's Fire Mario, but the "M" is supposed to be red.

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