Voiced by Zachary Levi.

The Mad Scientist's Son is the twisted child of the Mad Scientist. He is always seen in blue booty shorts with a white stripe down the sides, a black and white headband, black running shoes, and a blue long-sleeved shirt with a black collar and white stripes down the sides. Unlike his father who is simply an insane Mad Scientist, he is portrayed as an Evil Mad Scientist. He removes his father's eye and uses it to unlock a retinal scanner that allows him to access his father's lab. He uses his father's technology and equipment to create an evil version of Robot Chicken called Dark Meat, as well as three non-chicken cyborgs, Cyborg Raccoon, Robot White-tailed Deer, and RoboHobo.


Cbb.gif Chipotle Miserables




Like father... like son.

S07e19 85

Booty shorts on HIS figure?! He MUST be crazy!

S07e19 101

That moment when you finally learn a lesson in American politics.

S07e19 125

Bill Clinton is thinking of the OTHER plan b.

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