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Season: 3

Episode: Tapping a Hero

Length: 1:52

Cast: Seth Green (Every Single Chicken)

Characters: Jogger, Victim, Detectives, Dead Suspect, Judge, Prosecutor, Suspect's Attorney, Jury Members, Shooter

Segment Summary: Have you ever wondered what "Law & Order" would be like with an all-chicken cast? No? You're about to find out anyway.

Written By: Kevin Shinick

Themes: Animals, Bleeped, Food & Drink, Television, Death


  • This segment parodies the television series Law & Order and its spin-offs, including the series' signature "gavel banging" sound.
  • The latter half of the title of this Sketch KFC is a reference to the the restaurant KFC.

Trivia / Info:

  • All text appearing in this segment (aside from title cards and an arrest warrent) consists of "Bok Bok Bukawk" and other similar sounding words.
  • The only address listed in the title cards (50 W73rd st.) is an actual New York City address only a block away from Central Park.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • The Caution tape is in English.

Online Commentary:
Creating a Parody - Language Problems - Bleep Or No Bleep - Everyone Does Law & Order - Very Jack Ruby

Transcription - Interpretations

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