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Season: 2

Episode: Book of Corrine

Length: :53

Cast: Dr. Drew (Man), Seth Green (Herman, Priest), Paul Rudd (Jasper, the Douchebag Ghost)

Characters: Jasper, the Douchebag Ghost (Character), Man, Priest, Annie, Herman

Segment Summary: Meet Casper's brother, "Jasper, the Douchebag Ghost."

Themes: Death, Bleeped


Trivia / Info:

  • In the classic Casper cartoons, most humans and animals would run away frightened when/if Casper comes near them, though he doesn't mean any harm. In this sketch, the humans, thinking Jasper is Casper, aren't frightened and didn't run away.
  • Although Casper didn't have any brothers, he did have a cousin named Spooky, who looked similar to him but for freckles, a large black nose, and a "doiby" hat. Spooky can be considered a colossal douchebag, given he loves to scare people for no reason other than his own amusement.

Goofs / Nitpicks:Theme Song

(Sung to the opening theme of the Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon)

  • Jasper the Douchebag Ghost, the douchiest ghost possessed!
  • He'll call you names and act real mean until you feel depressed!
  • He'll always say, "F**K YOU!", and "Lick my sack, you fairy!"
  • He's so damn crude and so damn rude! Jasper the Douchebag Ghost!

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