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Season: 4

Episode: But Not In That Way

Length: 1:28

Cast: Seth Green (Kagome Higurashi, Mother, Sportscaster), Seth MacFarlane (Father/Barry), Soleil Moon Frye (Girl), Tom Kane (InuYasha)

Characters: Girl, Father/Barry, Mother, InuYasha, Kagome Higurashi

Segment Summary: InuYasha is a pretty good show.

Themes: Anime, Bleeped, Motor Vehicles, Sexuality, Sports, Television


  • Refers to Inuyasha, a popular anime show that plays on Adult Swim.
  • When the dad asks when InuYasha will be on again, the girl responds "Stupid Adult Swim only plays it on Saturdays now." A reference that Adult Swim shows its anime programming on Saturdays.
  • Also mentions TV's Gossip Girl.
  • Also mentions the National Hockey League/NHL team The Detroit Red Wings.

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