Hobbes is a character from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes who appeared in the Robot Chicken sketch Calvin's Therapy Adventures.

Calvin's Therapy AdventuresEdit

In this sketch, Hobbes is a birthday gift to Calvin from his parents, and Calvin immediately believes that Hobbes is alive, and chasing him around the couch, however to his parents, it looks like Calvin is running around the couch alone. Hobbes is later seen with Calvin, who says that native Americans shouldn't have traded their land for casinos, to which Hobbes replies that Cowboys only were a masculine campaign promoted by the cigarette company Marlboro. After witnessing Calvin do this, Calvin is sent to a therapist, where Hobbes kills the doctor, since the doctor said that Hobbes wasn't real, however, in reality, Calvin just narrated the gory scenario out loud. After getting shock therapy, it seems like Hobbes has disappeared for good, but one day, he reveals that he still is around, and tells Calvin that they need to kill his parents, since they "don't believe". After Hobbes chops Calvin's parents up with a chainsaw, Calvin calls the police who thinks that Calvin killed his own parents. They barely manage to escape the police into a trash can, which turns into a rocket. They land on Mars, which Calvin thinks is amazing. However, the scene then shifts to a mental institution where Hobbes (as a stuffed animal) sits next to Calvin who wears a straight jacket, and repeats "Mars is amazing" over and over in a slurred voice. Hobbes was voiced by Dan Milano.

Calvin and Susie Edit

In this skit, Hobbes is seen by Calvin's bed, as Calvin is discussing the unlicensed photo of Calvin peeing, featured on knockoff merchendise with Susie, whom Calvin eventually ended up marrying. When Calvin is tempted to pee on Susie after the latter exposed her ford tattoo, Hobbes (who is grossed out) leaves the room. This time, Hobbes was voiced by Tom Root, despite his voice actor from the previous skit being part of the cast in the same episode.

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