Pink Robot Chicken gummy bear

Her Debut.

The Gummy Bear is a female character from Robot Chicken. Voiced by Michelle Trachtenberg, the Gummy Bear is an anthropomorphic pink gummy bear that is commonly associated with bear trap.

Every time she steps on a bear trap, she shrieks in pain. Her scream of pain sounds exactly the same from her debut. She first appears in Delicious Gummy Bears where she is seen skipping in a meadow right before getting her leg caught in a bear trap. She screams and swears until she rationalizes and eats her leg off the trap. She presumes skipping, only to get her leg caught in a second bear trap right below her feet.

She reappears in Beginning Season Five in a Saving Private Ryan parody with other original Robot Chicken characters. She is seen hiding behind Lindsay Lohan who is later shot to death in front of her. Gummy Bear leaps over her dead body and lands on another bear trap.

She appears again in The Rescue where she leaves a trail of bear traps in front of her. The Chicken leaps over the traps, and she kicks him in the face. The chicken grabs her and bites her eyes off. Then he tosses her onto a series of bear traps until every one of her limbs fall off, and her head rolls down the stairs, all while screaming in agony.

She makes a sixth appearance in the opening to the Born Again Virgin Christmas Special inside a Christmas ornament building a snowman. Only to get her leg caught in another bear trap.

Episodes Appeared In: 

Cbb.gif Tapping a Hero

Cbb.gif Saving Private Gigli

Cbb.gif 100

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Cbb.gif 120

Cbb.gif Born Again Virgin Christmas Special


  • The gummy bear's limbs are much longer than real gummy bears.
  • In a promotional artwork for the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, she fights the Green Lantern who makes a green bear trap to trap her foot in.
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