George Jetson is a character orginally from the television series Jetsons who (so far) has appeared in three sketches.

Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie Edit

This skit tells the story about the unsolved case of the murder of George. As he was killed before the events of the skit begun, he doesn't have any lines, but he appears on photos, and he is also seen in a flashback where he gets his face crushed by Rosie the Robot for turning the Jetsons home into a mess.

Jetson! Edit

In this skit, George accidentally kills Mr. Spacelly's workers when reaching for his report in his breifcase, due to the fact that he forgot that his breifcase also contained his car which he pulled in there before going to work. In this skit, he was voiced by Skeet Ulrich

Aliens Meet the Jetsons Edit

In this skit, he is first seen talking with his son Elroy Jetson after he returned from a feld trip at an abandon ship. Later, accepts "Ranger" (an alien from a egg which Elroy found on the ship) as Elroy's new pet despite Astro the dog's warnings. Later, a small alien emerges from Elroy's stomach after the creature slept on his face during the night., he tried to capture it, but accidentally got stuck in the transporting band, allowing the creature to escape. A bigger alien later returns, and while Jane Jetson and Judy Jetson arms themselves with guns, George presses a button on his breifcase, only to find that it only contained papers, and therefore he tries to punch the creature with a smackstick, but soon he runs out of "smacks" and the creature kills him. This time, George was voiced by Robert Kazinsky.

Gallery Edit

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