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Season: 5

Episode: The Curious Case of the Box

Length: 0:28

Cast: Bryan Cranston (Gandalf), Seth Green (Contestant), Matthew Senreich (Game Show Host)

Characters: Game Show Host, Contestant, Gandalf

Segment Summary: If you invite Gandalf the Grey onto your game show, you're just going to have to expect shenanigans.

Themes: Television, Film, Continued


  • Parody of Lord of the Rings and of the game show Password; more specifically, the set appears to be based off that of the 1971-74 ABC run (of which not many episodes survive, due to network policy of wiping tapes); the monitors and general gameplay, however, suggest another ABC game show, Pyramid (both shows were created by Bob Stewart, the former for Goodson-Todman Productions).

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