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Season: 3

Episode: More Blood, More Chocolate

Length: 4:00

Cast: Kevin Connolly (Leonard Baker), Rosario Dawson (Clara Palmer), Seth Green (Cobra Commander, Destro, Gary Zartan, Man, Maury, Narrator, Shipwreck, Snow Job, Spirit), Tamara Garfield (Zartan's wife), Tom Root (Man, Jefferson Winslow), Jamie Kaler (Simon Berger), Skeet Ulrich (Duke)

Characters: Surfers, Civilians, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Spirit, Shipwreck, Snow Job, Gung-Ho, Duke, Cobra Cadets, Destro, Leonard Baker, Soldiers, Clara Palmer, Gary Zartan, Major Bludd, Flint, Simon Berger, Jefferson Winslow

Segment Summary: Inside the Battlefield looks back on G.I. Joe's epic battle against Cobra for the Weather Dominator.

Themes: Animals, Bleeped, Callback, Guns, History, Injuries, Lengthy, Military, Real Toys, Religion, Sports, Violence


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